• Ornate Copper Entrance Porch Roof With Built-in Gutters On An Old Middleburg Colonial
  • Copper Standing Seam Roof On 1880 Loudonville, NY Home
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Ornate Copper Entrance Porch Roof With Built-in Gutters On An Old Middleburg Colonial

Its timeless beauty dates back to the Egyptian, Greek and Roman times of Pagan architecture through the middle ages of sky piercing churches. From the Renaissance Era and the XVII and XVIII centuries of French and English structures to early American years of revolutionary concepts, copper endures in distinctive designs.

With the exception of gold, it is the only primary metal that possesses color, a rich natural red gold that eventually cloaks itself with a soft green patina. For centuries, sheet metal craftsmen have been following the early designs of standing and flat seam copper roofing, and Vanguard Roofing prides itself in carrying on a great tradition.

The durability of copper is unmatched which makes it an economical choice. It requires neither painting nor protective maintenance making its first cost its last. 50, 100 years and more is not uncommon for the lasting beauty of copper. "There is an increased interest in the uses of copper, not only for commercial and residential restorations, but newer homes as well", says Jim Staats of Vanguard Roofing. "We have many homeowners coming to us with low pitched roofs on additions, dormers and porches that have failed more than once with the typical roll roofing that wouldn't last more than 10 to 12 years, even if it didn't leak. Oftentimes, damages are extensive to the substructure and ceilings beneath, making the cost of the cheap roofing more expensive than if it were done in copper in the first place. "Typically, the flat seam copper roofing is small 18" x 24" pans, interlocked with each seam being soldered together so the finish is one impenetrable surface to the elements. Copper can be formed to contour built-in gutters and valleys as well as vertically under siding to prevent ice and water from entering."

Vanguard also fabricates custom gutters of copper with skirts that extend on to the roof so that shingles and slates will overhang without any chance for water to enter the cornices or drip behind the gutter.

"We also do a lot of bay windows, smaller entrance roofs and snowslides", says Staats. "The popular design for these steeper roofs is the traditional "standing seam" which can be used wherever the roof has steep pitches.

Staats likes to remind people that copper is a valuable recyclable metal that can be scrapped for a handsome amount of cash when the roof is no longer serviceable. The longevity of a copper roof is not measured in years, but generations of service.


Also, thanks to you and your crew for being so cooperative during our little photo-shoot, and also during the many interruptions of my visits.

~Architecture and Materials Life, Old Sturbridge Village